0.3 (2014-06-23)

  • Ability to absorb paths entirely in path directive, as per issue #132.

  • Refactor of config engine to make Venusian and immediate config more clear.

  • Typo fix in docs (Remco Wendt).

  • Get version number in docs from setuptools.

  • Fix changelog so that PyPI page generates HTML correctly.

  • Fix PDF generation so that the full content is generated.

  • Ability to mark a view as internal. It will be available to request.view() but will give 404 on the web. This is useful for structuring JSON views for reusability where you don’t want them to actually show up on the web.

  • A request.child(something).view() that had this view in turn call a request.view() from the context of the something application would fail – it would not be able to look up the view as lookups still occurred in the context of the mounting application. This is now fixed. (thanks Ying Zhong for reporting it)

    Along with this fix refactored the request object so it keeps a simple mounted attribute instead of a stack of mounts; the stack-like nature was not in use anymore as mounts themselves have parents anyway. The new code is simpler.

0.2 (2014-04-24)

  • Python 3 support, in particular Python 3.4 (Alec Munro - fudomunro on github).
  • Link generation now takes SCRIPT_NAME into account.
  • Morepath 0.1 had a security system, but it was undocumented. Now it’s documented (docs now in Morepath Security), and some of its behavior was slightly tweaked:
    • new verify_identity directive.
    • permission directive was renamed to permission_rule.
    • default unauthorized error is 403 Forbidden, not 401 Unauthorized.
    • morepath.remember and morepath.forbet renamed to morepath.remember_identity and morepath.forget_identity.
  • Installation documentation tweaks. (Auke Willem Oosterhoff)
  • .gitignore tweaks (Auke Willem Oosterhoff)

0.1 (2014-04-08)

  • Initial public release.