Directive logging

Morepath has support for logging directive execution. This can be helpful when debugging why your Morepath application does not do what was expected. Morepath’s directive logging makes use of Python’s logging module, which is very flexible.

To get the complete log of directive executions, you can set up the following code in your project:

directive_logger = logging.getLogger('morepath.directive')

The StreamHandler logs messages to stderr. You can reconfigure this or use another handler altogether. You need to change the log level so that logging.DEBUG level messages are also shown, as Morepath’s directive logging uses this log level.

You can also configure it to just see the output for one particular directive. To see all path directive executed in your project you’d change the getLogger statement to this:

directive_logger = logging.getLogger('morepath.directive.path')

The Python logging module has many more options, but this should get you started.